Internship R Programming Language Course in Gurgaon

AP2V Gurgaon is inviting all young heartthrobs to join our job-oriented Internship R programming course in Gurgaon. The course provides in-depth knowledge of R programming through live projects and case studies. Thousands of candidates have benefited from our Internship R programming online in Gurgaon. Enroll in the course if you are interested in making your career in data science. 

Prerequisites of Joining our Internship R Programming Language Course in Gurgaon

We invite you to learn R for data science in Gurgaon no matter whether you are a student or a professional. The advanced course is beneficial to all. 

  • Knowledge of statistics theory in mathematics
  • Having good understanding of various types of graphs for data representation
  • Knowledge of any programming language 

Why Learn R Language?

We invite you to learn R programming skills in Gurgaon because it has multiple advantages.

  • Knowledge of R programming makes you capable of carrying out various machine learning operations such as regression and classification 
  • R is a platform –independent language, supports Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • R is highly compatible can be paired with various programming languages such as C, C++, Java, and Python
  • Candidates who are interested in making their career in data science can add extra feathers to their cap by learning the R language
  • R enables you to facilitate high quality graphing and plotting
  • In India, the demand of Data analysts and data science engineers are increasing, you will get the best job opportunities
  • A R programmer in India can earn from 2 lac to 6 lac as a fresher depending on the job profile

  Why Choose AP2V Gurgaon for Internship R Programming Course?

  • Get training from a team of expert engineers who have closely analyzed the challenges in the field
  • Providing you with complete insight of the program through live projects, hands-on training, and case-studies based training
  • Flexible to provide you with weekly, monthly, and regular classes
  • Small batches allows us to focus on each student
  • Committed to providing you with 100% placement assistance (maintain over 90% of placement history)
  • Organize interviews for you with leading MNCs of Delhi 
  • Special grooming sessions to make you confident to face interviews
  • Work on your resume to make it ready as per requirements 


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