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If you want to learn basic installation, querying, data insertion, indexing, and schema design using Python. In fact, you can understand how to build a blogging platform based on MongoDB. We provide the best MongoDB training in Gurgaon that helps in strong grasping of these tools. This open source document database is written in C++ and it facilitates data storage with precision for massive datasets as well. With hands-on training and detailed curriculum covered by our tutorials, you can master these skills and brighten up your career prospects in the field of database management. We are the best MongoDB training institute in Gurgaon to learn the essential methods and tools for working effectively on this platform.

The Recent Trends and Future Job Possibilities in MongoDB:

MongoDB has gained unprecedented popularity as a distributed database system that can be installed for developing robust applications. In our MongoDB training, you will learn how to master architecture, data modeling, and schema design along with the basics of this database. You can explore lucrative career opportunities in the IT sector after learning MongoDB from our experts.

The growing scope of MongoDB can be attributed to its impressive growth over the years. A study by Forbes indicated that this industry will expectedly increase in its scope and market value by 8-9% to reach $40 billion from the present levels of $36 billion. There are nearly 900 customers of this database and they include any Fortune 100 companies. These are some promising trends and insights related to MongoDB that propel demand for trained professionals. You can improve your prospects of fetching a highly paid job in this field by taking a course including classes on M101P MongoDB for developers. The salaries for certified professionals can go up to $134K as per industry estimates. To leverage this potential, enroll at AP2V Gurgaon and gain a career edge.

Course Prerequisites:

MongoDB can lay the perfect foundation for building a career in the field of database management. You can become a certified DBM professional after gaining deep knowledge and understanding of this database. It requires proper training and certification at a leading institute like AP2V Gurgaon. However, this enrollment requires some prior knowledge related to database management.

It is not mandatory to possess this knowledge in order to learn MongoDB. But, if you possess a basic knowledge of a mainstream programming language like Java and understand the fundamentals of RDBMS, it proves effective. Even if you don’t possess any of these skills, we provide MongoDB online tutorial for beginners as well. You can learn this database faster and get your certification within the stipulated time by joining a reputed training institute.

Course Summary:

When you are looking to acquire expertise in MongoDB, you need specialized training that covers every important aspect of this architecture. At AP2V Gurgaon, we have designed a detailed MongoDB syllabus to polish your skills in the domain of data replication and processing. You can learn how to update, install, and manage MongoDB-based applications and systems. Our course begins with basics like configuration and installation of this software on Mac and Windows OS. Given below are the skills and concepts that you will learn on completion of our training.

  • Know how to write applications in Node Js and Java.
  • Discover the basics of aggregation framework, scalability, schema design, and recovery options in MongoDB.
  • Learn about replication and sharding of data for maximized performances.
  • Know about the key roles entrusted to the professionals having MongoDB certification.
  • Understand the backup strategies and learn how to process large amounts of data using MongoDB tools.
  • Understand the relationship between MongoDB and Hadoop for management of big data in this database system.

For learning all these skills, join our MongoDB classroom training in Gurgaon. We provide a detailed course structure at competitive MongoDB certification cost to boost your career profile.


When Not To Use MongoDB?

MongoDB is a simple, scalable, and dynamic database for NoSQL document storage model. It helps in implementing data store for high performance, automatic scaling, and easy availability. However, you should avoid using this system for transactional systems or the systems in which data models are designed openly. Also, it shouldn’t be used for coupled systems.

How to Use MongoDB?

If you want to get started with this database, you need to install MongoDB and Homebrew to execute the program. You don’t need to create a manual database though. Next, you need to create a new project using a template. Configure this new project for using MongoDB. You need a configuration file to hold the database information. Use MongoDB Driver and lastly, you should add MongoProvider within the setup. To maintain accuracy at each of these steps, you need to take our advanced MongoDB courses and get through them.

Can You Replace MongoDB with MySQL?

When it comes to managing large data, MongoDB proves to be more effective than MySQL. It is schema-free and helps in storing JSON-like documents within schemas. You should consider replacing MySQL with MongoDB for such applications to ensure greater scalability and availability. However, both of these platforms have distinctive features and they are suitable for different types of applications. Hence, it is not advisable to replace them.

What Are the Applications of MongoDB?

MongoDB can be implemented for a variety of applications including content management, product catalogs, real-time analytics, maintaining geospatial data, social networking sites, mobile sites, and configuration management. You can also use it for meeting the evolving data requirements in an organization.

Why Prefer Learning MongoDB from AP2V Gurgaon?

AP2V Gurgaon is a premier training facility offering a wide range of training courses for IT aspirants. Our coaching includes M001 MongoDB basics and MongoDB Python course for the developers. These courses cover every vital aspect of this database architecture to boost your career ahead. The main advantages of choosing AP2V Gurgaon are:

  • Explore the best curriculum available in the industry.
  • Learn from the world’s leading professionals holding years of experience in this domain.
  • Get placement support from the best consultants.

Our structured coursework and MongoDB modules and methods are designed to hone your skills in database management. We provide guidance that you at every step of this way until you get the certification for exploring job opportunities. If you want to know more about it, call our experts at +91 120 4364210.

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24+ hours of best-in-class content developed by leading faculty & industry leaders in the form of videos, case studies & projects. Virtual, hands-on learning allow you to apply your technical skills in realistic environments.


Introduction to NoSQL Lesson: 1 | Duration: 1.5 hours
  • What Is NoSQL?
  • Why NoSQL databases are required.
  • Types of NoSQL Database
  • NoSQL vs SQL Comparison
  • ACID & BASE Property
  • CAP Theorem
  • Benefits of NoSQL databases
  • Installation
  • Start and Stop the MongoDB process
Architecture Lesson: 2 | Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Document, Collection, Databases
  • JSON and BSON
  • Storage Engines (WiredTiger and MMAP)
  • Read Path
  • Journaling
  • Write Path
  • Working Set
  • Capped Collection
  • Oplog collection
  • TTL Index
  • GridFS
CRUD Operations Lesson: 3 | Duration: 1.5 hours
  • MongoDB Data Types
  • Inserting, Update, Deleting the documents
  • Querying the documents
  • Bulk insert operation
  • Updating multiple document
  • Limiting documents
  • Filtering documents
Schema Design and Data modeling Lesson: 4 | Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Dynamic Schema
  • What is Data modeling?
  • RDBMS and MongoDB Data modeling difference
  • Embedding Document
  • Reference Document
Indexes Lesson: 5 | Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Index concepts in MongoDB
  • Types of indexes
  • Indexes and its use cases
  • Creating Indexes
  • Managing Indexes
  • Index strategies
Database Administration Lesson: 6 | Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Database status
  • Troubleshooting issues
  • Current Operations
  • Rotating log files
  • Users and Roles
  • Copy and Clone database
  • DB and Collection Stats
  • Explain plan
  • Profiling
  • Changing configuration files
  • Upgrading the database
Backup and Security Lesson: 7 | Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Concept of backups
  • mongoexport/mongoimport
  • mongodump/mongorestore
  • Oplog backups
  • LVM Backups
  • Backups using MMS/Ops Manager
  • Purpose of security
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Role-based access control
Replication Lesson: 8 | Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Concept of replication
  • ReplicaSet member roles
  • Voting and Electing primary
  • Role of Oplog in replication
  • Read and Write Concern
  • rbiter, Hidden and Delayed replica node
  • Priority settings
  • Replicaset nodes health check
  • Concept of resyncing the nodes
  • Rollbacks during failover
  • Keyfile authentication
Scalability Lesson: 9 | Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Concept of Scalability
  • Sharding concept
  • Shardkey and Chunks
  • Choosing shardkey
  • Sharding components
  • Types of Sharding
  • Balanced data distribution
  • Sharded and Non-sharded collection
  • Sharded Replicaset
  • Tag aware sharding
Monitoring and Other Tools Lesson: 10 | Duration: 1.5 hours
  • MMS Manager
  • Ops Manager
  • Mongo utility commands
  • Mongo developer tools
  • MongoDB Atlas
  • MongoDB client drivers

Certificate of Completion

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