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The Internet of Things or IoT is a technology of inter-connected digital devices that can be used with the help of internet. These devices have inbuilt sensors, each assigned with a unique IP address. They have ability to transfer and share information over an interconnected network of interrelated things. The devices can be remotely controlled. Also, it facilitates a connection with computing systems and physical things.

However, it depends on automation of every single field in order to improve productivity and efficiency of the systems. Due to this, there is a constant need for hardware and software specialists to work closely with these interconnected devices. We, at AP2V Gurgaon, provide IoT training in Gurgaon designed for IT engineers looking for a career in IoT development. Apart from the Internet of Things applications, we provide in-depth knowledge of this technology at the best IoT training institute in Gurgaon.

Recent Trends in IoT Technology:

As per current estimates, more than 20 billion interconnected devices globally are running on this technology. It is expected that these figures will go higher in the imminent times as well. In fact, there will be more impetus on using these devices for industrial systems. More interactivity and intuitiveness will be integrated into the computing system to design smart homes, smart cities, and smart businesses.

In this regard, you can also anticipate an interesting trend of devices getting connected through edge computing. The IoT adoption for medical devices will be higher. Remarkably, the number of wearable devices, health monitors, and sensors will grow by 26.2% by 2021. It will reach the mark of $72 billion. Amidst all these developments, there has been a consistent concern regarding the security of these interrelated systems. Cloud holds enormous amounts of data that may be vulnerable to breaches. Hence, more focus will be laud on an integration of layered machine-to-machine authentication and biometric login systems to avert these vulnerabilities.

With these trends, it is also expected that there will be a higher demand for the certified Internet of Things specialists. At AP2V Gurgaon, we provide comprehensive Internet of Things tutorial to help you make giant career advancements.

Course Prerequisites:

Due to increasing scope and adoption of IoT technology, more organizations are looking for the best talents produced by the industry. As a matter of fact, developers and engineers in this field must possess capabilities to resolve intuitive issues. With a specialized skill set, you can also perform well in this field. If you are a beginner in this field, you must have the basic understanding of networking and sensor technology. It also needs knowledge of Python and Linux fundamentals. These are preferred skills integrated into our Internet of Things course syllabus. It also needs a basic knowledge of deep learning, artificial intelligence, big data applications, machine learning, IP networking, hardware interfacing, and automation.

To gain these skills and strengthen your knowledge, you should rely on our IoT certification course designed by the industry experts. With proper guidance and assistance, we aim to improve your knowledge and enlighten your path to a brighter future.

Course Summary:

To make a mark in an industry which is in the phase of transformation and development, you need strong set of skills and deeper knowledge. This is where AP2V Gurgaon comes to your support. We have devised a well-formatted course structure using the best Internet of Things examples and case studies. With this curriculum, we also bring forth the profound knowledge of our skilled faculty. On completion of IoT course offered by AP2V Gurgaon’s experienced faculty, you will learn career-enhancing skills that include:

  • The technologies and IoT concepts that enable its deployment, sensing, mobile computing, and connectivity.
  • The use of IoT techniques for empowering industries ranging from power sector to healthcare.
  • Integration of enterprise monitoring and artificial intelligence into the systems.
  • Deep knowledge of communication interfaces, microcontrollers, and sensors for building IoT-based devices.
  • An understanding to select the best application layer protocols and web service architectures for seamless integration into existing systems using the Internet of Things.
  • Better insights into APIs and cloud infrastructure.

These are some essential skills imparted by our detailed Internet of Things training courses in Gurgaon.


How Does the Internet of Things Work?

Internet of Things is a set of practices to connect a device to the internet with the help of an expansive network of interconnected things and people. This technology enables collection and sharing of information related to the surroundings and environments of these people and things. It works around four basic elements that include user interface, connectivity, data processing, and sensors.

All the devices with inbuilt sensors are connected to an IoT platform for integration of data collected from different sources. Data analytics are applied to this information for sharing the most relevant details. In fact, this platform can easily identify useful information that helps in detecting probable issues, trending patterns, and recommendations required for streamlined operations.

How to Become an IoT Developer?

For breaking into a career that entails development of connected devices, you need to gain a deeper understanding of sensor technology. Also, you should focus on maintaining the highest standards of user experiences in your products. It requires a careful integration of easy user interfaces into the system. Learn a web-based programming language like JavaScript that makes it simple to trigger actions and behaviors on the connected devices. Preferably, you should also learn Raspberry Pi to work in IoT.

How to Start IoT Development?

There are four main stages for development of an IoT device. They begin with the assembly of physical hardware that includes preassembled sensors and boards. You need programming skills to read and collect the data from the sensors and send this data to the servers. Programming of servers requires applications of server-side languages like ASP.NET, Node.js, and PHP. Lastly, it involves creation of a webpage that displays collected data to the users.

The Advantages of Learning IoT from AP2V Gurgaon:

For the best IoT certification, you need help and support of the most experienced faculty. At AP2V Gurgaon, we ensure the same with our detailed Internet of Things applications training in Gurgaon. We provide the best training modules to add a competitive edge to your career. There are many advantages to pursuing IoT training from our centers.

  • A comprehensive course structure focusing on IoT technology.
  • An experienced faculty for designing and teaching IoT courses.
  • A flexible training schedule to suit your current professional engagements.
  • Complete placement support from the best mentors.

At AP2V Gurgaon, you get a complete package of IoT methods and modules to master the skills required by modern organizations. For more details in this regard, you shall call our experts at +91 124 4364210.

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